Donna sends reminder messages at the right time and using the right channel to minimize broken appointments. Patients are given the option to decide how they would like to be contacted (Text/email/voice). Reminder messages are sent at calculated intervals to confirm the appointment and ensure the patient remembers to show up.

Why Let Donna™ Manage Your Reminders?

Reminders can reduce no-shows by as much as 40%

Dental practices can increase their revenues as much as 20% with well-executed appointment reminders


Configured Based

Configured Based On Your Unique Workflow

Multiple Touch points

Multiple Touchpoints Based On Best Practices

Reaches Out

Reach Out Using SMS, Email, Or Voice

Ability To Customize

Ability To Customize By Patients

Beautifully Designed Templates

Beautifully Designed Templates

Writes Directly

Writes Directly Into Practice Software

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