Donna’s closed-loop recall system uses best practices gathered from top performing dental offices across North America. A combination of text, email, and voice messages are timed strategically to maximize patient reactivation and save hours of staff time.


The average dental office has 200 to 250 patients overdue for recalls

Rank your practice by seeing how your 6-months overdue list measures:
Excellent = Close to 0
Needs Improvement = Near 100
Concerning = Over 200


Configured Based

Configured Based On Your Unique Workflow

Customized By

Reaches out based on Patient’s Continuing Care/Recall Plan (Insurance)

Reaches Out

Reaches Out With Multiple Touch Points, With Unique Messages

Plug Play With

Plug & Play With Beautifully Designed Templates

Patients Schedule

Closed Loop = Patients Self-Schedule Online from Any Device

Writes Directly

Donna Writes Appointment Directly Into Practice Software

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Features mean nothing if they don’t generate true, undoctored results on a consistent basis. Each feature has been carefully architected to drive patients to your practice and grow your top and bottom line.

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