Practice Intelligence

Practice Intelligence

With over 50 different reports to choose from, Donna displays your reports with stunning visuals, allowing you and your team to view your practice’s health in a whole new way. Uncover over 175 different KPIs to make better decisions and boost your practice’s growth.

Why Let Donna™ Provide Your Intel?

“What gets measured, gets managed.” - Peter Drucker

Your Recall rate should be 95% or greater and your cancellation/no-show rate should be less than 1%


Consolidate Across

Consolidate Across Many PMSs


Production Reports


Collection Reports

Marketing Reports

Utilization Reports


Treatment Acceptance Reports

And much

And Much, Much, More

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Features mean nothing if they don’t generate true, undoctored results on a consistent basis. Each feature has been carefully architected to drive patients to your practice and grow your top and bottom line.

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