Digital Waitlist

Digital Waitlist

Donna intelligently reaches out to the ASAP list in your practice management software, along with the list she’s able to compile from your online scheduler. She then reaches out to each patient in sequential order giving each patient a certain amount of time to respond before reaching out to the next patient.

Why Let Donna™ Build Your Waitlist?

Between 23% and 34% of dental appointments are missed annually

Adding additional options for appointment times reduces no-shows by an average of 24%


Fill Broken Appointments In Minutes

Fill Broken Appointments In Minutes

Patients Provide

Patients Provide Preferences By Days And Times

Intuitive Patient

Intuitive Patient Sign Up Interface

Smart Prioritization

Smart Prioritization

Compiles All

Compiles All Your Waitlists

Ability To Reach Out

Ability To Reach Out To Past Cancelled Appointments

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